Mobile Tracker

Mobile tracking benefits for Managers

Now it’s possible to track the location of all your employees, drivers and sales reps easily with mobile Tracker.
Mobile tracker allows employers to stay connected with your team and to see where are in real time.
Many of our global customers are in the Pharmaceutical, Construction, Food, Consumer Goods and Delivery business and they all have sales reps in the field.
If your reps have a Smartphone or tablet and you want to know where they are then Mobile Tracker is the most efficient and cost effective solution on the market.
The real world. Locating employees in real-time.
Who's on first? Visibility of employee allocation.
Bill with confidence. Data to support client invoicing.
Mobile accountability. Plain and simple.

The latest information regarding your employee

In the map module, you can check the exact location of your employee at any time and see their most recent speed and direction of travel.

Tracks of employee on the map

With only one click, you can display the track currently being travelled by a vehicle, or you can display any track taken by your employee in the past by selecting the dates
Which interest you. For clarity, the beginning and endof the track and all stops in between are marked indifferent colours.

Playback of tracks

The integrated graph and player, which replays the track on the map, allows you to visually see the employee path.

Address search

The address search function makes available the most detailed location information both in your country and abroad, and provides address locations with just a mouse click.


Reports every morning

  • One of the most popular features of the reports module is the regular e-mail updates.
  • It is no longer necessary to log into the Mobile Tracker application every day, as you can open the reports for selected periods from your e-mail inbox every morning.

Child and Employee Tracking

  • Ensure Safety of your child with GPS tracking Solutions.
  • Increase Employee efficency through Mobile tracking solutions.