Let's have a glance about PowerSync

PowerSync monitoring provides PV system owners a highly accurate and real time web-based monitoring solution to maximize efficiency and profitability of their solar assets. Solectria Renewables’ PowerSync web-based monitoring solution is available for use with residential,commercial and utility-scale inverters, allowing for real-time, seamless recording and reporting of PV system production.
The SolrenView data logger comes standard and fully-integrated within all commercial and utility-scale inverters. A standalone SolrenView data logger is available for residential inverters. The complete PowerSync system features inverter direct monitoring, revenue grade monitoring, agency reporting, SolZone sub-array current monitoring, XML feed, kiosk view and weather station monitoring.

Features of PowerSync

  • By measuring and comparing the individual string currents, faults in the PV power plant are detected reliably and analyzed directly by means of the Analogics SMU software.
  • Alongside the measurement of string currents, our SMU features a string fuse protection as well as an overvoltage protection device
  • It is possible to connect 10/12/16 strings as per design requirement.
  • The Analogics SMU can be disconnected using a DC circuit breaker installed on the output side to the inverter.
  • The DC circuit breaker is optionally available as per the requirement.
  • Identifies array connection and performance issues rapidly.
  • Zigbee based RF communication.
  • Doesn't require any extra wiring for SCADA / Monitoring
  • Integrated Power supply.

String level diagnostic and monitoring

In string-level monitoring, current and voltage for each string of solar panels is measured, making it easier to detect individual problems in the array.
The nature and location of underperformance can still be problematic, however, which is particularly true if the string is underperforming or intermittent instead of fully failed

Features of String level diagnostic

  • On-line monitoring measurements and status signals.
  • Remote access and control using standard web browser.
  • Hosted locally or remotely on commercial hosting service.
  • Data-base storage for long-term access and analysis.
  • Simple one-click data export to spreadsheet program.
  • Immediate notification in case of operational failure.
  • Anti-theft alarm, access control and video surveillance


  • Each fuse is individually monitored and has flashing LED indicator.
  • String current is measured in both positive and negative leg, providing early failure detection.
  • Wide range of ordering options: plastic/inox housing, MC3/MC4/cage-clamps/faston connectors.
  • Spare inputs and outputs (4+4 for each string monitor) may be used for various custom functions.
  • System own consumption is taken separately from the grid, not from photovoltaic cells.
  • Very low power consumption, one string monitor in active state draws only 1.2W.
  • Very high efficiency, string monitor internal power loss is 1.2W per string at 10A.
  • Less internal heating means longer maintenance intervals and product lifetime.
  • Different vendor equipment, such as inverters and power meters, may be integrated into system.
  • Server may be located within plant facility, or hosted remotely at user-selected hosting provider.
  • Designed to run on standard web hosting service, much cheaper then dedicated server.
  • Platform-independent software, written in Python, may run on Linux or Windows server.
  • Based on reliable and widely used open-source Apache/MySQL platform.
  • Integrated udp-hole-punching system allows easy controller-to-server connection.